Bachelor College impact study

Client: Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Netherlands
Project conducted: 2014/15 & 2019/20

In September 2012, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) launched Bachelor College, a systemic root-and-branch reform to the structure, design and delivery of the university’s bachelor education. Bachelor College was designed to “educate new generations of ‘future proof’ academic engineers… who are able to make a significant contribution to society ten, twenty or forty years into the future”. Targets for reform were focused across and beyond the curriculum, including the establishment of a new marketing strategy for prospective students, the development of new mechanisms to support and structure student learning, the introduction of common courses across all disciplines and the creation of a significant elective space, allowing students to study a range of subjects from across campus.

Two and a half years after the launch of Bachelor College, in 2014/15, Dr Graham was commissioned by TU/e to conduct an impact assessment of the educational reform, highlighting any operational challenges, risks and opportunities for improvement. The evaluation drew on a survey of current and former university undergraduates as interviews with a range of stakeholders to Bachelor College. In 2019/20, she was asked to conduct a follow-up review to help to refine and improve this bachelor education.

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